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Removed members and @W clan info update
Fri Jan 13, 2012 8:23 pm by astrobear
the following is being removed:








if you want to disputed this, pm me thank you

ps our daily clan report for 2w

Jan 13, 2012 coordinators2W Win VS Lose OZ Military
Jan 12, 2012 coordinators2W Lose VS Win KG03
Jan 12, 2012 coordinators2W Lose VS Win BEST

Ranking: 33

Progression: 21

Clan …

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1/11 NA update
Mon Jan 09, 2012 11:10 pm by astrobear
Greetings everyone,

It is our pleasure to share some details on the upcoming update scheduled for January 11th, 2011.

Patch Notes:

[Capsule Machine]
- Capsules No.26~30 have been added to ‘Capsule Machines’

- Following operators have been added:
a) Golden Time Operator I
b) Golden Time Operator II
- ‘Skill parts’ have been added.
- Additional paints are applied.

- PvP maps have been …

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SDGONA Tournament
Thu Dec 15, 2011 10:53 pm by astrobear

Calling all clans!

It’s time for the first ever SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online Clan Tournament. Listen for your Clan’s rallying call as we kick things off with the sign ups!

How it works:

Sign up your clan to compete in the tournament to win the grand prize. Be sure to follow the sign up rules!

Tournament Rules:

1. Your clan must have at least 4 members in it to participate in …

[ Full reading ]
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New attendance policy doods
Tue Dec 13, 2011 9:26 pm by astrobear
hello doods,
the attendance thread is no longer useful, me and 00silver now take attendance from the ogp clan



go and sign in at the clan you belong to



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Our Offical Clan sign up sheet
Fri Dec 02, 2011 5:56 pm by astrobear

apply today doods

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Second Coordinators Clan
Mon Dec 12, 2011 8:30 pm by astrobear
wassup doods,
i know that alot of our member havent been able to join our
clan, so i am making a secondary clan called Coordinator2W or SW
(still havent decided yet)

if you want to join,

you must post your name here first!

i will not accepted users who i dont know or havent post their app.if you have ur app at the waiting list, then you are okay

first come first serve.

btw if you were a …

[ Full reading ]
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what do you want on thewebsite/blog?
Mon Nov 14, 2011 2:03 pm by astrobear
i have been noticing that our official blog


is looking pretty bare,so i want you guys to tell me what do you want
on there?

anime,game&emulators(genesis,n64, ps2,gba etc.), video games news, videos or whatever

tell me and i will do my best to comply

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SDGO Launch time 1400 ogp time
Wed Nov 30, 2011 11:31 pm by astrobear
support244 wrote:
Dec.1st @ 2PM =1400 ogp time (PST)

get ready dudes

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you want to play sdgo now?
Fri Nov 11, 2011 4:44 pm by astrobear
hey doods you want to play sdgo now?

well it your lucky day!
you can to make a taiwan account and play on wasabii server

go here for more detail


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Request your banner here doods
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 Taking The Scenic Route (Fan fiction by Ezron Kun)

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PostSubject: Taking The Scenic Route (Fan fiction by Ezron Kun)   Wed Nov 16, 2011 1:32 pm

Before I start the story, I want to give everyone some background story. This story is extremely big as hell. It isn't based off of one or even two mangas, It's based off of hundreds. It's based off of all the manga I've read and loved and that's how this story works. It's also based off of many games. My character "travels" to different worlds, where the worlds are the mangas that I've put in. The story takes off in the world of kingdom hearts with a character I create as well with some others, and a few familiar faces. Please feel free to comment on my work and critize. Now please enjoy!


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PostSubject: Re: Taking The Scenic Route (Fan fiction by Ezron Kun)   Wed Nov 16, 2011 1:33 pm

Heavy rain falling*
??? : *pant, pant, pant* Damnit, where the hell are they?!
??? : Come on Squall, we gotta keep moving, we need to find them before it’s too late.
Squall: I know Light….
*Huge explosion followed by a cloud of smoke*
Squall: And I think we just found them, come on let’s hurry.
Lightning: This way, *points toward an alleyway* It’s the scenic route. *winks at Squall*
Taking the scenic route

*Sound of sword fighting* (4 men all fighting another dark figure)
??? : Errrrrrrraghhh! * Huge blade crashes down narrowly missing the dark figure*
??? : *Laughs evilly* If that’s all you can muster as warriors of heart, then you have already lost!
??? : Devin, Anthony, Sora! Surround him!
Devin: No freaking duh Sebastieyn! *Barely dodges a sword slash* Shit!
*Time passes towards the middle of the fight*
Sebastieyn: Damnit, you’re not getting away from me Xehanort! *throws his spear at the evil figure*
*Xehanort easily blocks the spear, sending it flying away*
Xehanort: This world shall return to darkness, just as your friends that I sent before you! Gyahahahahahaha!
*Sora slashes him*
Xeanort: Geeyyyahhhhhhhh! *Smacks Sora away*
*Lightning and Squall finally reach the fight*
Xehanort: One or two more allies will make no difference to me! Come my legions of darkness, you will be more than enough to contend with the likes of these pitiful fools!
*A large number of ink like shadows rise from the floor taking monstrous forms*
Lightning: Regroup!
Sebastieyn quickly retrieves his spear and pulls back, taking out a dozen of the monsters on the way.
Anthony: Took you long enough Seb. *smiles sadly*
Sebastieyn: You know how I love to take my time. *swiftly stabs a shadow monster that leaps for the group*, But no time for small talk, what’s the plan?
Squall: The only way to keep him down is to seal his soul into something that would be able to hold him.
Devin: And how the hell we going to do that?! And also please tell me what would be able to hold his soul in the first place?
Lightning: *easily slashes another of t he monsters out of the air* The first answer, Sora will have to get past all the Heartless, Lost, Nobodies, and Unversed and get to Xehanort, then stab him in the heart. *Knocks down another two monsters* The second part we have no idea, we do know that something will have to be on the other side of Xehanort when he gets stabbed and has to be touching the blade for his soul be sucked inside.
Sebastieyn: I got an idea for what we can use, but I need to get to Xehanort as well. Ant mind giving us some barriers, and Dev some buffs?
Devin & Anthony: Already on it! * both start to cast spells on the group*
Squall: Okay, let’s finish this guy, once and for all! Take these bastards down to Hades!
After minutes of rigorous fighting, Sora and Sebastieyn finally reach Xehanort. Sora manages to stab Xehanort in the heart, when this happens Sebastieyn, ready to do what he must, commits the greatest act of self sacrifice.
Sora: Whatever you’re going to do, do it now!
Xehanort: Rrrrrrrrrrrraaggggh! * screaming in pain* No mere object will ever be strong enough to hold me!
Sebastieyn: Yeah, I know that, which is why I’m doing this! * Sebastieyn touches Xehanort and the blade himself*
Lightning, Devin, Squall, Anthony, and Sora: No!
*A great light shines down upon Xehanort and Sebastieyn. The Earth starts to shake and Sora is forced back by a maelstrom of wind. Xehanort slowly becomes a ball of darkness which is then sealed by magic bindings that come from the great light. The darkness that was once Xehanort goes into Sebastieyn’s body, causing him to spasm in pain. Finally the light disappears; the Earth becomes still and the wind calm once more.

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Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: Taking The Scenic Route (Fan fiction by Ezron Kun)   Wed Nov 16, 2011 1:44 pm

Taking the Scenic Route
Chapter 1 - part two

*Everyone runs up to Sebastieyn who is lying on the ground*
Lightning: You idiot! What were you thinking?!
Sebastieyn: *Smiles sadly* you know I like to do things without thinking it through.
Sora: Why didn’t you tell us what you were going to do?
Devin: Why do you have to be such a stubborn moron? Just tell us next time you do something crazy!
Sebastieyn: For one thing, jeez lay off the insults! *He laughs* and two,*Now puts on a grim face* there won’t be a next time….
Sora: What do you mean?
*A new, armored man arrives, falling from the sky*
???: His body, it’s not able to contain all that darkness with out corrupting him as well. He knew that already. The fool sacrificed his body to stop Xehanort and now to keep Xehanort from being released he must go to the Realm of Darkness. Isn’t that right my student *looks at Sebastieyn grimly*
Sebastieyn: Always so brutally honest master Kain. *He coughs in pain* Damn, he’s already fighting back.
Sora: You crazy bastard, why not use some object for that, why sacrifice yourself!?
Sebastieyn: Isn’t that obvious? By doing this it accomplishes two things.
*Everyone now looks grim but refuse to show tears*
Sebastieyn: With Xehanort inside me I can use his powers to bring back all the worlds that were lost to the darkness, and recall all the Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed, and Lost to the Realm of Darkness.
Squall: That means everyone that was lost will be able to return! *He realizes what Sebastieyn has done, knowing that he sacrificed himself to save everyone else.*
Sora: Okay that’s great, but then what could be the second reason?
Sebastieyn: Because of these powers, I can release Terra, Aqua, and Ventus from the darkness that took their hearts as well.
*Sebastieyn Rises, and as he does the rain finally stops, the sun high in the sky, looking down upon the group. People that were consumed by the darkness now start appearing, dazed and confused but happy.*
Sebastieyn: I guess it’s time for me to go. Goodbye everyone, my friends *He smiles sadly once more.* Hopefully, I’ll see you all again one day….. Heh, least I can see the sun before this, gives me a bit of hope *He shrugs*
*Lightning looks away, not wanting to show weakness to her friend, Squall tries his hardest to look passive, Sora seems as though he might start crying, Devin and Anthony both look angry bout the situation, and Kain, as always, shows no emotion.
*Sebastieyn creates a portal to the Realm of Darkness, shedding a single tear as he does. As he enters, his friends can only look on as their friend goes on to complete the task that he must do.*
Minutes after entering the portal, knowing that Terra, Aqua, Ventus, and everyone else have returned to their homes and friends, Sebastieyn lays down on a beach inside the cursed world. He thinks of all the friends he met, all the fights he had been in, and regrets none of it as he falls into a deep sleep.

Chapter one End

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PostSubject: Re: Taking The Scenic Route (Fan fiction by Ezron Kun)   

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Taking The Scenic Route (Fan fiction by Ezron Kun)
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