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Removed members and @W clan info update
Fri Jan 13, 2012 8:23 pm by astrobear
the following is being removed:








if you want to disputed this, pm me thank you

ps our daily clan report for 2w

Jan 13, 2012 coordinators2W Win VS Lose OZ Military
Jan 12, 2012 coordinators2W Lose VS Win KG03
Jan 12, 2012 coordinators2W Lose VS Win BEST

Ranking: 33

Progression: 21

Clan …

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1/11 NA update
Mon Jan 09, 2012 11:10 pm by astrobear
Greetings everyone,

It is our pleasure to share some details on the upcoming update scheduled for January 11th, 2011.

Patch Notes:

[Capsule Machine]
- Capsules No.26~30 have been added to ‘Capsule Machines’

- Following operators have been added:
a) Golden Time Operator I
b) Golden Time Operator II
- ‘Skill parts’ have been added.
- Additional paints are applied.

- PvP maps have been …

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SDGONA Tournament
Thu Dec 15, 2011 10:53 pm by astrobear

Calling all clans!

It’s time for the first ever SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online Clan Tournament. Listen for your Clan’s rallying call as we kick things off with the sign ups!

How it works:

Sign up your clan to compete in the tournament to win the grand prize. Be sure to follow the sign up rules!

Tournament Rules:

1. Your clan must have at least 4 members in it to participate in …

[ Full reading ]
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New attendance policy doods
Tue Dec 13, 2011 9:26 pm by astrobear
hello doods,
the attendance thread is no longer useful, me and 00silver now take attendance from the ogp clan



go and sign in at the clan you belong to



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Our Offical Clan sign up sheet
Fri Dec 02, 2011 5:56 pm by astrobear

apply today doods

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Second Coordinators Clan
Mon Dec 12, 2011 8:30 pm by astrobear
wassup doods,
i know that alot of our member havent been able to join our
clan, so i am making a secondary clan called Coordinator2W or SW
(still havent decided yet)

if you want to join,

you must post your name here first!

i will not accepted users who i dont know or havent post their app.if you have ur app at the waiting list, then you are okay

first come first serve.

btw if you were a …

[ Full reading ]
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what do you want on thewebsite/blog?
Mon Nov 14, 2011 2:03 pm by astrobear
i have been noticing that our official blog


is looking pretty bare,so i want you guys to tell me what do you want
on there?

anime,game&emulators(genesis,n64, ps2,gba etc.), video games news, videos or whatever

tell me and i will do my best to comply

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SDGO Launch time 1400 ogp time
Wed Nov 30, 2011 11:31 pm by astrobear
support244 wrote:
Dec.1st @ 2PM =1400 ogp time (PST)

get ready dudes

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you want to play sdgo now?
Fri Nov 11, 2011 4:44 pm by astrobear
hey doods you want to play sdgo now?

well it your lucky day!
you can to make a taiwan account and play on wasabii server

go here for more detail


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So other than SDGO, what other mmo's have you played, play, or will play?
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Community Codec Pack(Cause streaming animu sucks)
Our Clan Theme Song
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Request your banner here doods
Visit Our official OGPlanet Clan wesite

Visit Our secondary clan: Second Wave, official OGPlanet Clan wesite

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 Taking The Scenic Route Chapter II(Fan fiction by Ezron Kun)

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PostSubject: Taking The Scenic Route Chapter II(Fan fiction by Ezron Kun)   Wed Nov 16, 2011 1:47 pm

Taking the scenic Route
Chapter two

Sebastieyn: ….This dream, it never ends….
*Looks at himself*
Sebastieyn: How long has it been, I-I can’t remember anymore…a week? A month? …..Maybe a year? This darkness…consuming me, consuming my memories…why am I here? ....soon enough…I’ll forget my name as well…
*He looks out to the distant ocean, a sea of darkness, reminding him that the same sea is within him as well*
Sebastieyn: I have to…to…I’m not sure…what can I do…what would I do?
???: Then wake up, if you must do something, let it be to wake up. *Says a gentle, but powerful voice*
Sebastieyn: Who are you…where are you…please tell me, how do I wake up?
???: I am a friend, I am with you, in your heart, and above you, you just never noticed before. As for waking up, you must do that on your own, all that I can tell you is that you must remember. Remember and you shall wake from this eternal slumber.
Sebastieyn: Remember? My memories…they’ve been taken by the darkness…I can’t remember anything anymore…
???: No, little one, those memories have not been taken, they can never be taken. They’ve only been locked away into your heart. Look deep and you shall find what you seek.
Sebastieyn: Look…into my heart? I’ll try.
*Concentrating, he looks deep, noticing something that he never saw before. Amongst the dark waves in his soul, was something new. Something precious, like a miniature sun, but stronger, more important, more precious…his memories.
Sebastieyn: I…remember everything.
*Suddenly awake, Sebastieyn see’s an endless rift before him. He realizes he is sitting on top of some large object, but then realizes it’s actually a large beast*
Sebastieyn: Whoa…this is something you don’t see everyday!
???: Maybe not you, but for me this is very normal.
Sebastieyn: Whuh? Where are you…I don’t see anyone…wait a…..
???: Yes, I am the one you are riding upon. Did you think me only a mindless beast little one?
Sebastieyn: Truth be told…yes. *laughs out loud* Not to be insulting that is. Especially seeing as you’re the one who saved me from that infernal place. *Referring to the Realm of Darkness*
???: Don’t worry your self, I am Shinryu, the god of dimensions, just to let you know.
Sebastieyn:…I see, and what does his grace, Shinryu need of me? Some how I doubt the fact you saved me because you felt like it.
Shinryu: *Laughs* Sharp as well, eh? Well you’re right. You have been stuck in the Realm of Darkness for nearly 10 years your time, never aging. I can see by your face that shocks you, do not worry, as the god of dimensions I can also travel to the distant past or future. But I cannot return you just yet, as you have guessed I am in need of your help. I balance the good and evil in all dimensions, but I can do only so much, even as a god. In recent times, it’s become increasingly hard to do this so I need a vassal to do what I ask and does what needs to be done. I chose you, seeing as you’re fit and able to do the things I ask of you.
Sebastieyn: …..Soooo…when do I start and how long will this take?
Shinryu: If you work fast, 10 years by your worlds time standards. But I believe you can do it even faster than that, so let’s hope for your sake…(and sanity) that I’m right.
Sebastieyn: ….Welp, I’m feeling unusually optimistic so let’s get to it…oh, and a few questions before we start.
Shinryu: Yes? (What could he possibly want to know?)
Sebastieyn: One, do I get paid? Two, do I get vacation time? And three, what about Xehanort? *Smiles at the first two questions*
Shinryu:….Wow….I cannot believe I did not see those first two coming….okay in the order of your questions, no, maybe, and Xehanort is now completely sealed within you, I made sure of that. Though you can still use his powers, thought it might suit our purposes.
Sebastieyn: Well, this is going to be a wonderful Boss, worker, relationship I can tell. *Laughs*

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Taking The Scenic Route Chapter II(Fan fiction by Ezron Kun)
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